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Things have gotten out of hand socially, economically, and ecologically.
There is a lack of balance, humanity, and health – everywhere. In every respect.

We want to move and counteract this deplorable state of affairs with a sustainable initiative.

We firmly believe that we can increase health in society and reduce social inequality by doing this in a reciprocal way.

Children are our future. They deserve us to do our best to help them navigate the world of tomorrow.

Here in Bali, we have wonderful opportunities in culture and nature to work in this direction and teach the next generation the tools for a healthy life.

Let’s do it for them – NOW!
Dewa and Monica

Dewa Gede Oka Artawan: Charismatic Balinese, highly-talented Chef, 5 years of experience in point-ranked Restaurants in Zurich, loves healthy Balinese-Western Fusion-Cuisine, Sports-Afficionado, and active dancer.

Monica Peter Artawan: Swiss entrepreneur for 25 years, passionate interior design consultant, and nature lover, with broad experience in international key account management and live marketing,

02 mission


We are building the first educational camp in Bali for the next generation. It is a mix of practical learning, adventure, and experiences in nature

Retreats of highly pedagogical value and about learning nature’s gifts for a healthy life: Plants, herbals, and roots for a healthy diet, natural medicine, and a balanced well-being

Events & workshops around Bali’s immense variety of cultural arts to nurture the balance of body mind and soul: Dance, Music, Comedy, Cookery, and Yoga.

Target community

Children and Students from private and public schools in Bali.
Adult Persons, interested in learning about a sustainable, healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Angel investors and supporters to enable the implementation of this educationally valuable project

Core values

Health is the key to our lives. Its enabler is balance. Following the holistic approach, each person is a unity of body, mind, and spirit. It follows: Health is the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of a person. We strive for fairness, respect, and tolerance toward everyone involved in this project. And we implement a high standard of buildings and perform excellence in the quality of our services.

«Health is the new wealth. Inner peace is a new success. Sharing is the new cool. Happiness is the new rich! »

Did you ever dream to partner in a sustainable, valuable project that aims to coach our future generation in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Now is your chance to make it happen!

Let us know your email or phone number. We are happy to share more information about «Jodoo».